About Their Highnesses

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photo courtesy Diana de Winterton

Attila and Eleanor moved to the Summits in 2011.  For their first few years, they focused on renovating their house, planting their orchard, and building the garden of Eleanor’s dreams.  In that time, they adopted Attila the Hound (he came from the pound with the name – and a huge case of separation anxiety), raised a few flocks of chickens, and rediscovered their love of the SCA.  They look forward to supporting the Summits and An Tir, learning about their new homelands and making new friends.

Attila joined the SCA in 1983 in the Kingdom of Caid.  There he was knighted in 1992, the first to be recognized with that honor due to prowess with great weapons.  In 1999, he moved to Calontir to complete his Masters in Physical Therapy.  Originally intending to stay in Calontir only for the few years his schooling required, his delight in new friends kept him there for an additional 10 years.

Eleanor joined the SCA in 1994 in the Kingdom of the Outlands.  Her reigns as Queen in 2000 and 2001 were transformative for her in many ways.  Upon completion of her Masters degree in Ecology, she moved to the then Principality of Northshield.  Never fond of big cities, the opportunities in studding Persian and Kathak dance afforded by living in Minneapolis and her new friends made her time in the frozen north bearable, but eventually the frost bit too deep and she needed to move to gentler climes.

Attila and Eleanor realized the loving partnership and amazing life they could build together at Lilies War XLIV.  During the winter of 2010, they planned their joint move from the Midwest.  After looking at the entire world, they decided to move to the central Willamette Valley to create their homestead.

Their Highnesses’ reign will focus on the 1300s-1500s in the Buda area (modern day Hungary).


Words from Her Highness After Long & Short

Thank you all for a fantastic & inspiring weekend!

The Archery Champions tourney and the Thrown Weapons tourney were thrilling to watch, with Tryggr Tyrsson splitting his own arrow Robin Hood style, and the Thrown weapons coming down to atlatl!

photo courtesy Eleanor de Bolton

Oh my goodness! How proficient the children of the Summits are at finding chickens! I never need to fear for my flock again. My scouts report a few have been sighted at the Lebus event site….

Thank you to their Excellencies Terra Pomaria – your leadership and support of the populace are examples of what makes the Summits the best Principality in the known world!

My apologies for the brevity of this missive. His Highness has just returned from the Pennsic War. Thankfully he returned to us uninjured, but he and the other 9 An Tir fighters fought above and beyond most, and he is very weary. I am sure he has many exciting stories for the upcoming campfires.

Thank you again for the lovely weekend!

– Princess Eleanor

Words from His Highness after Coronation

Thank you Summits for a wonderful event. Everywhere we looked we saw friendly faces helping others and smiling. We enjoyed a full schedule of court and were privileged to watch the elevation of the newest members of the Peers. Thank you all for you attendance and incredibleness! You make the Summits Proud. We are thankful for all of you. Now to pack for Pennsic!

– Prince Attila

After An Tir West War

photo courtesy James Redbeard

Thank you all for an amazing An Tir West War!

And thank you for making the Summits shine. Highlights for me were the dashing deeds of the Summits Army on and off the field, the demonstrations of Equestrian mounted fighting and the Cut & Thrust Melees, the excitement of people learning new art&science skills, and how we unite and care for each other in times of joy and sorrow.

Thank you to the water bearers who ensured everyone was well hydrated throughout all their activities. And thank you to everyone whose service (in-front and behind the scenes) allows all of this to take place.

Thank you to all who contributed to the Star Party and Hafla, with a special thank you to Adiantum (Chris) and Diane & Jeffery for the loan of the torches. And thank you to Terra Pomaria (Lin) for saving the day with the loan of tables and all the other little things. It seems like a wonderful time was had by those that attended – hurray! The Star Party was truly a joyful experience with all the padawan running around the field fighting. Thank you to the older fighters who helped focus everyone’s excitement. This Princess rests secure knowing so many young ones are training to defend the galaxy – oops, I mean Kingdom 😉

photo courtesy Monica Streight Photography

Our progress takes us next to Kingdom Coronation to witness the transition of Kingship, and to attend council ensuring Summits needs are known. Then His Highness will travel to the great Pensic War for alliance, and I to Long and Short where Our Archery and Thrown weapons champion will be chosen by rights of prowess.

Until we next meet, safe journeys,



July Echoes Letter

photo courtesy Diana de Winterton

Unto the Populace of the Summits do Prince Attila & Princess Eleanor send greetings this day.

It is with great joy We stepped up to the Griffin Thrones in June through your support. We are very excited to be here with you. Although the Summits is not Our native lands, you have welcomed Us as if the Summits were always Our home, and We have just returned from a long journey. It is wonderful. We are happy to be able to participate with such lovely people and groups. Summits hospitality is truly a beautiful thing.

Thank you all for your participation, in all its forms, at An Tir West War. You are serving the Kingdom and the Principality well, defending An Tir’s borders from the Western invaders. When the lands are once again safe, it is time to set Our minds to the peaceful summer ahead, preparing for all of the tourneys, competitions, and camaraderie of the season. We look forward to seeing every one at the various events. With that, please be mindful of your Life to SCA balance. Our game is great fun and devotion runs deep, but real life comes first in all things.

Sadly, Our time as your Prince and Princess is limited, and to ensure the hard-won peace of the Summits, We must now declare Our Heirs. We decree Our successors shall be determined by right of heavy weapons marshal prowess. On September 15, in the Barony of Adiantum, We shall hold a tourney with the winner inheriting Our thrones when We are no longer able to serve. Tourney format will be double elimination, best two out of three. The first round will be great weapons. All other bouts are ‘bring your best.’ Bye-fights are nondestructive. We require heraldry for both fighter and consort to be submitted with the Heralds, with at least one of the devices displayed in a period manner during the event.

Although it will be after Our time as your Prince and Princess, We encourage you to start putting thought into entering Summits A&S in February and Kingdom A&S in March. Summits being granted the honor of hosting Kingdom A&S is a wonderful opportunity to display the prowess of our artists and scientists to a large audience. If you need inspiration, consider joining Her Highness on her sojourn to Cranehaven for An Tir Collegium in November. (https://www.facebook.com/ events/542264039291713)

Safe and joyful journeys,

Attila & Eleanor
Prince and Princess of the Summits

After Investiture

photo courtesy Diana de Winterton

Dearest Summits – It is very difficult to express in words the emotions and gratitude from last weekend.

I wish I could include all the individuals who made last weekend so wonderful in this brief thank you. Although I may not thank you specifically here, please know that I cherish your deeds in my heart.

Thank you all for the amazing weekend and your supportive welcome as Attila and I take on our new roles in serve to you and the Summits. We shall strive to make you proud to call us your Prince and Princess.

There are not enough words to covey Attila and my gratitude to everyone. From the large visible acts, like everyone (peers and populace alike) who chose to swear fealty – and your persistence in participating in a lengthy court, to the smallest acts – like the loan of veil pins ensuring my veil stayed in place during the coronet transition.

Thank you to all the C&T fighters and participants whose enthusiastic (and sometimes silly) support raised over $260 to donate to the Jackson County SART. If you were not able to participate, I will be hosting a couple similar fundraisers (Heavy, A&S) for other local Summits SART centers.

Thank you to everyone whose deeds brought the dream to life: creating our weekend village by setting up list fields, pavilions, thrones; cooking tasty treats for family and friends and to share at the pot luck; service in heraldry, running lists, event stewardship, and in office who help keep all levels and aspects of the SCA running smoothly; fighters whose presence on and off the field are inspirational and make one feel well defended; and the mutual support show to all with your kind words and actions.

Until I see you at War, or another event, safe journeys.

Your Princess, in service to the Summits, AnTir, and the Society