July Echoes Letter

photo courtesy Diana de Winterton

Unto the Populace of the Summits do Prince Attila & Princess Eleanor send greetings this day.

It is with great joy We stepped up to the Griffin Thrones in June through your support. We are very excited to be here with you. Although the Summits is not Our native lands, you have welcomed Us as if the Summits were always Our home, and We have just returned from a long journey. It is wonderful. We are happy to be able to participate with such lovely people and groups. Summits hospitality is truly a beautiful thing.

Thank you all for your participation, in all its forms, at An Tir West War. You are serving the Kingdom and the Principality well, defending An Tir’s borders from the Western invaders. When the lands are once again safe, it is time to set Our minds to the peaceful summer ahead, preparing for all of the tourneys, competitions, and camaraderie of the season. We look forward to seeing every one at the various events. With that, please be mindful of your Life to SCA balance. Our game is great fun and devotion runs deep, but real life comes first in all things.

Sadly, Our time as your Prince and Princess is limited, and to ensure the hard-won peace of the Summits, We must now declare Our Heirs. We decree Our successors shall be determined by right of heavy weapons marshal prowess. On September 15, in the Barony of Adiantum, We shall hold a tourney with the winner inheriting Our thrones when We are no longer able to serve. Tourney format will be double elimination, best two out of three. The first round will be great weapons. All other bouts are ‘bring your best.’ Bye-fights are nondestructive. We require heraldry for both fighter and consort to be submitted with the Heralds, with at least one of the devices displayed in a period manner during the event.

Although it will be after Our time as your Prince and Princess, We encourage you to start putting thought into entering Summits A&S in February and Kingdom A&S in March. Summits being granted the honor of hosting Kingdom A&S is a wonderful opportunity to display the prowess of our artists and scientists to a large audience. If you need inspiration, consider joining Her Highness on her sojourn to Cranehaven for An Tir Collegium in November. (https://www.facebook.com/ events/542264039291713)

Safe and joyful journeys,

Attila & Eleanor
Prince and Princess of the Summits


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