After An Tir West War

photo courtesy James Redbeard

Thank you all for an amazing An Tir West War!

And thank you for making the Summits shine. Highlights for me were the dashing deeds of the Summits Army on and off the field, the demonstrations of Equestrian mounted fighting and the Cut & Thrust Melees, the excitement of people learning new art&science skills, and how we unite and care for each other in times of joy and sorrow.

Thank you to the water bearers who ensured everyone was well hydrated throughout all their activities. And thank you to everyone whose service (in-front and behind the scenes) allows all of this to take place.

Thank you to all who contributed to the Star Party and Hafla, with a special thank you to Adiantum (Chris) and Diane & Jeffery for the loan of the torches. And thank you to Terra Pomaria (Lin) for saving the day with the loan of tables and all the other little things. It seems like a wonderful time was had by those that attended – hurray! The Star Party was truly a joyful experience with all the padawan running around the field fighting. Thank you to the older fighters who helped focus everyone’s excitement. This Princess rests secure knowing so many young ones are training to defend the galaxy – oops, I mean Kingdom 😉

photo courtesy Monica Streight Photography

Our progress takes us next to Kingdom Coronation to witness the transition of Kingship, and to attend council ensuring Summits needs are known. Then His Highness will travel to the great Pensic War for alliance, and I to Long and Short where Our Archery and Thrown weapons champion will be chosen by rights of prowess.

Until we next meet, safe journeys,




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