About Their Highnesses

tt 1
photo courtesy Diana de Winterton

Attila and Eleanor moved to the Summits in 2011.  For their first few years, they focused on renovating their house, planting their orchard, and building the garden of Eleanor’s dreams.  In that time, they adopted Attila the Hound (he came from the pound with the name – and a huge case of separation anxiety), raised a few flocks of chickens, and rediscovered their love of the SCA.  They look forward to supporting the Summits and An Tir, learning about their new homelands and making new friends.

Attila joined the SCA in 1983 in the Kingdom of Caid.  There he was knighted in 1992, the first to be recognized with that honor due to prowess with great weapons.  In 1999, he moved to Calontir to complete his Masters in Physical Therapy.  Originally intending to stay in Calontir only for the few years his schooling required, his delight in new friends kept him there for an additional 10 years.

Eleanor joined the SCA in 1994 in the Kingdom of the Outlands.  Her reigns as Queen in 2000 and 2001 were transformative for her in many ways.  Upon completion of her Masters degree in Ecology, she moved to the then Principality of Northshield.  Never fond of big cities, the opportunities in studding Persian and Kathak dance afforded by living in Minneapolis and her new friends made her time in the frozen north bearable, but eventually the frost bit too deep and she needed to move to gentler climes.

Attila and Eleanor realized the loving partnership and amazing life they could build together at Lilies War XLIV.  During the winter of 2010, they planned their joint move from the Midwest.  After looking at the entire world, they decided to move to the central Willamette Valley to create their homestead.

Their Highnesses’ reign will focus on the 1300s-1500s in the Buda area (modern day Hungary).


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