Words from Her Highness After Long & Short

Thank you all for a fantastic & inspiring weekend!

The Archery Champions tourney and the Thrown Weapons tourney were thrilling to watch, with Tryggr Tyrsson splitting his own arrow Robin Hood style, and the Thrown weapons coming down to atlatl!

photo courtesy Eleanor de Bolton

Oh my goodness! How proficient the children of the Summits are at finding chickens! I never need to fear for my flock again. My scouts report a few have been sighted at the Lebus event site….

Thank you to their Excellencies Terra Pomaria – your leadership and support of the populace are examples of what makes the Summits the best Principality in the known world!

My apologies for the brevity of this missive. His Highness has just returned from the Pennsic War. Thankfully he returned to us uninjured, but he and the other 9 An Tir fighters fought above and beyond most, and he is very weary. I am sure he has many exciting stories for the upcoming campfires.

Thank you again for the lovely weekend!

– Princess Eleanor


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