His Highness Attila
  • Allergies: Severely allergic to Poison Oak and all other rhus toxins. All heroes have their Achilles’ Heel, and this is Attila’s. If you think you may have touched, or even had your hem touch poison oak, please do not touch anything that he may come in contact with. Yes, it is that intense.
  • Style: late 1400s Hungarian
  • Colors: Dark green, black, blue, brown
  • Fabrics: Any natural fibers. Overheats quickly, prefers light weight items.
  • Food: Loves 100% rye bread, dark chocolate, fresh fruit.  Eats very little fat and grease, avoids pork (no bacon), no legumes, low wheat.
  • Drinks: Water – and lots of it, ice preferred. Port and no-sugar added cider (Two Towns). No soda, beer or hard alcohol.
  • Interests: Loves being active and full of fun energy, fighting, woodworking, and all things Hungarian.
Her Highness Eleanor
  • Allergies: All things from cow udders (milks or milk products). Sheep and goat cheese ok, please label well otherwise she will assume it came from a cow.
  • Style: 1300s England/French, and Mughal/Persian for dance.
  • Colors: Blue, green, black, brown, berry colors
  • Fabrics: Any natural fibers.
  • Food: Loves vegetables and legumes. Focuses on low fat, low carb, low GI foods.  Avoids high fat & sugar foods and pork.
  • Drinks: Water, black coffee, no-sugar added cider (Two Towns). No sweet drinks, alcoholic or not.
  • Interests: Enjoys walks, gardening, pottery, fiber arts, Middle Eastern dance, and fun!
Gifts & Largesse

If you would like to donate largess to the reign, please contact Jenara Wyndswift.  Items of interest include: newcomer feast gear, handkerchiefs, veils & hats/coifs, and trim.

If you would like to give a personal gift to Attila and Eleanor, below are some ideas.

  • Finger loop braid or woven trim to decorate Hungarian coats
  • Veils (linen & silk)
  • Late 14th century hoods
  • Fur rim hats (aka fuzzy Viking hats)
  • Dark chocolate, port, rye bread
  • Seeds or starts of period plants
  • Detachable sleeves
  • Undershirts

If you are interested in making clothing for Their Highnesses, please contact Eleanor directly.